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In Abyss Treasure, players become explorers in search of treasure buried in an underground world.


  • In Abyss Treasure, you become a brave explorer, excavating an underground world piece by piece. After digging up each piece of ground, you will open up more fog and be able to see more land.
  • There are 2 types of Abyss Treasure Elite Abyss,Normal Abyss.In Elite abyss u have to become level 80 to fight 2 abyss guardian and 1 abyss boss, and very strong enemy,while in normal abyss less enemy and not so strong enemy and it is easier.
  • Upon entering Abyss Treasure, there will be a random quality level assigned. The higher the quality level, the better the treasure chests. You can also manually refresh the quality level.
  • In Abyss Treasure, you take a certain number of heroes with you. You can´t do battle if you don´t have heroes.
  • After the end of each battle, the leftover health and energy that heroes have will remain the same, just like in Island Crusade.
  • There are 3 different colored patches of ground. As you explore deeper, the ground will change colors. Deeper areas mean stronger enemies, but treasure chest quality also increase.
  • Abyss Treasure will automatically close after 3 days, and then you will get a score according to rewards gained, shovels used, and enemies slain.


For every enemy you encounter, certain fight restrictions are put in place.

  • Control Skills 100%
  • Control skills disabled
  • Physical Damage -50 %
  • Magic Damage -50%
  • Magic Immune
  • Physical Immune
  • No Area Damage
  • No Single Target Damage
  • Heal & Shield -90%

It's advised to bring heroes that will work best under these conditions.

Mystery Chest[]

Apart from the regular brown, blue and gold chests, a rare mystery chest will also appear that can only be opened using an Abyss Key or 300 diamonds.