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Mid row support. Physical basic attack. Can summon holy blades to attack multiple enemies and reduce their energy.

Get an Awaken Quest for this hero after advancing to Orange.

Ariel is an angel of the Light, a representative of justice and eternity. She is endowed with the power of retribution which allows her to inflict even more damage on her enemies. Her shield protects her allies from the attacks of the darkness, her gleaming sword can hold its own against overwhelming odds, and her Energy Drain can completely sap and enemy of energy.

Hero Groups[]

Legendary Alliance

Righteous Partner

Girl Power

I Can Fly


Grey → Green Attack Force Hardiness Regenerate Energy Regen Energy Regen
Green → Green +1 Armor Armor Fortitude Bravery
Green +1 → Blue Health Regen Valor Chivalry Bronco
Blue → Blue +1 Energy Regen Sublimity Elephant Lion Hunter
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Cardio Enforcement Giant Scorpion Peacock
Blue +2 → Purple Defense Nature Grizzly Wargod War horse Apollo
Purple → Purple +1 Sublimity Bronco Tiger Bowmaster Spider Queen Cyclops
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Valor Elephant Knight Elf Bull Horn Fates
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Giant Hunter Warrior Minotaur Sphinx Hera
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Grizzly Wargod Undead Spider Apollo Centaur Damocles
Purple +4 → Orange Dragon Peacock Briareos Athena Gram Gungnir
Orange → Orange +1 Wolf Spider Sirenelle Fates Centaur Loki Hel
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Spider Queen Aegis Uranus Apis
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Dionysus Centaur Burr Selket Typhoon Hera Osiris
Orange +3 → Orange +4 Typhoon Sphinx Hera Selket Mut Deicide Blade.png
Orange +4 → Orange +5 Cyclops Uranus Selket Montu ? ?
Orange +5

→ ?

Sphinx Apis Seth Fountain of Life.png ?


Justice Strike.png

Justice Strike - Deals damage to a target and marks him/her for 6 seconds. Target will receive 15% extra damage from all attacks while marked.

Divine Shield.png

Divine Shield - Every so often, she will guard all her teammates from a ranged attack. After blocking an attack, she will add a shield to the target of the attack. Cannot be silenced.

Clean Slate.png

Clean Slate - Basic attack summons a holy blade, dealing damge to up to 3 targets and setting off an Energy Drain effect.

Energy Drain.png

Energy Drain - Her basic attack will drain the enemy's energy.

Holy Smite (Awaken Skill) - Attackers that trigger Holy Shield are marked by the Holy Blade. While marked, if the unit gains over 220 energy, it will be smited by the blade, causing the target continuous damage and no energy gain.
Physical Ward (Captain Skill) - Greatly increases teammates attack damage while also while also increasing enemy attack damage. Lasts for the entire battle.


This hero's skin has not yet unlocked. Stay Tuned!



Battle Bandage Increases Health & Health Rege No equip effect.
Green Archer Greaves Increases Health, Attack Damage & Attack Speed No equip effect.
Blue Power of the Horde Increases Attack Damage, Armor Penetration & Attack Speed Last Stand (passive): When HP falls below 30% your attack damage will increase for a time.
Blue +2 Storm Bow Increases Attack Damage, Armor Penetration & Armor Penetration % Piercing Wind (passive): Increases a hero's armor penetration.
Purple Sebastian Shield Increases Health, Armor & Magic Resist Tribal Defense (active): Add a shield to a nearby teammate. If the shield doesn't get used up, then that teammate will get an attack damage and ability power buff.
Purple +2 Viper Spear Increases Health, Attack Damage, Hit Level & Attack Speed Armor Splitter (passive): Deals physical damage to an opponent while also lowering their armor, lasting 5 seconds.
Orange Frost Wail Increases Health, Attack Damge, Critical Strike Damage Level & Critical Strik Level Doppelganger (active): Create a doppleganger of yourself to fight alongside you.
Orange +2 Ethereal Shield Increases Health, Armor, Magic Resist & Energy Boost Sacrifice Hand (active): Protects one teammate. The damage received by this teammate will be directed to the caster, but this damage will be reduced.

Beast Souls[]

Ariel can equip the following Beast Souls:

Fierce Gryphon

Underworld Hydra

Deadly Scorpion


1 Guile Increases Energy Boost
2 Order Increases Health & Attack Damage
3 True Shot Increases Attack Damage & Critical Strike Level
4 Moon Well Increases Energy Regen
5 Hawkeye Increases Attack Damage
6 Praetorian Increases Attack Damage & Magic Resist
7 Enhancer Increases Shield Effect
8 Nerve Blade Increases Critical Strike Level
9 Healing Tree Increases Health & Health Regen
10 Tai Chi Increases Attack Damage & Health Regen
Captain Physical Ward Greatly Increases teammates attack damage while also increasing enemy attack damage. Lasts for the entire battle.

Dragon Prayer Bonuses[]

Health Increase Health by 2000 Lv1 Increase Health by 1050
Attack Damage Increase Energy Boost by 30 Lv1 Increase Attack Damage by 80
Armor & Magic Resist Increase Critical Strike Level by 100 Lv1 Armor and MR +20
Armor Penetration Increase Shield Effect by 25% ???

Soulstone Location[]

  • S'Stones are available when Ariel is the Weekly Hero in the Soulstone Wish Pool.
  • Server Lucky Card Event (Can anyone confirm this event is still active or if this section should be retired?)
    • 5 cards per refresh
    • Refreshes cost 30 diamonds
    • First flip of the day is NOT free!
      • 2 SS = 1 flip @ 50 gems = 25(70) gems per soulstone
      • 3 SS = 2 flips @ 150 gems = 50(80) gems per soulstone
      • 6 SS = 3 flips @ 350 gems = 58.333(73.333) gems per soulstone
      • 10 SS = 4 flips @ 75(84) gems per soulstone
        • You can obtain 30 SS from 4 flips if the "3x" reward card is present in your set of five cards on a refresh in tandem with a 10 SS card. This is the best possible set of cards to find!
      • 20 SS = 5 flips @ 1550 gems = 77.5(82) gems per soulstone
      • Now available in Soulstone Wishing Pool(can be accessible by VIP 8 and up).
      • Nós namoradas de Erick aprovamos ele no sexo, e por isso somos as suas heroínas.
      • Força máxima cavaleiras de Deborah!