Awakening Pandarus
Awakening is a way for heroes to unlock their 5th skill for completing a series of tasks after reaching orange level.

You can do 2 awakening quests at a time, one of which can be a Legendary awakening of for a Legendary AllianceLegendary Alliance Hero.

Hero Group Awakenings Edit

These are the Hero Group awakenings that provide a buff to the Heroes of that group.

Neutral Skill Awakenings Edit

These are personal awakenings that provide the Hero with a new skill.

Hero Group Table Edit

Hero Bullet Time Death Rock Fairy Tale Girl Power Good Buddy Gunner Horror Story IAnimal Kung Fu Legendary Alliance Lone Dog Magic Rush New Recruit Righteous Partner Sci-fi Movie Who Am I
Avatar Alma
Avatar Ariel
Avatar Aurai
Avatar Baggins
Avatar Bauer
Avatar Bedivere
Avatar Bibo
Avatar Blaine
. .
Avatar Candy
Avatar Charon
Avatar Chavez
Avatar Coco
Avatar Crabbie
Avatar Delphos
Avatar Diaochan
Avatar Edwin
Avatar Emily
Avatar Gearz
Avatar Gerber
Avatar Gorgana
Avatar Gridlock
Avatar Grunk
Avatar Jacob
Avatar Jolie
Avatar Kaiser
Avatar Karas
Avatar Karna
Avatar Kong Ming
Avatar Krash
Avatar Lee
Avatar Leon
Avatar Lilith
Avatar Little Red
Avatar Lorya
Avatar Lufia
Avatar Luke
Avatar Malachi
Avatar Medea
Avatar Merlynn
Avatar Mira
Avatar Monk Sun
Avatar Murphy
Avatar Muse
Avatar Paganini
Avatar Pandarus
Avatar Pearl
Avatar Pulan
Avatar Rams
Avatar Rek
Avatar Robin
Avatar Ruby
Avatar Russel
Avatar Saizo
Avatar Salman
Avatar Sebastian
Avatar Seeley
Avatar Smoke
Avatar Spartacus
Avatar Sue
Avatar Thanos
Avatar Theresa
Avatar Torin
Avatar Uther
Avatar Vortex
Avatar Watson
Avatar West
Avatar York
Avatar Yuan
Avatar Zoe
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