Magic Rush Wiki


Campaign section includes the normal, elite, and legend stages, with the bonus tower defense stages in between. Normal stages cost 6 stamina, while Elite and Legend stages cost 12 stamina Bonus stages are free but elixir rewards can only be reaped once a day.

Adventure Stage[]

In Campaign, the main stages and bonus stages are divided into two modes, a head-to-head mode and a Tower Defense mode respectively. (The current version only has 13 Chapters of main stages at the moment, but don’t worry! We will release much more in the future! Please be patient!)

Each time you play a main head-to-head stage will cost stamina (Normal: 6 pts; Elite: 12 pts; Legend: 12 pts). For each battle, you can only choose 5 heroes to go in your lineup, and you can't change heroes halfway through. Every battle is divided into 3 rounds, and when the battle is over, if you still have heroes alive and time hasn’t expired, then that is a victory, and you will receive a reward. If all your heroes die or the time runs out, then you failed that stage, but it won’t cost any stamina.

Before entering a battle, the system will notify you of the difficulty based on your hero lineup’s power to help players decide whether or not to take on a stage.

After passing a stage with 3 stars, you can use the Sweep function and spend stamina to sweep for needed resources directly.

1. Become VIP2 to unlock x10 sweep on Normal stages.

2. As long as you have enough stamina, you can do unlimited x10 sweeps on Normal stages. For Elite stages, the 1st x3 sweep only costs stamina, and then after that, you must spend 20 diamonds to purchase another chance. (At VIP4 and up players can reset Elite stage sweep chances.)

Item Drops / Rewards[]

  • Elixirs
  • Runes
  • Soulstones (Elite)
  • 10 Diamonds (Quest Reward for completing stages)