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Melee Tank. Physical basic attack. His skills in the art of war give him powerful ability to take hits and do battle. 

Charon has the most mystique about him out of any hero in the game currently, and also recognized as one of the strongest tanks. Being from a race that loves peace and creative forces, Charon worships Mother Earth and believes in the power of nature. He may seem lazy, but don’t underestimate the power this panda possesses. He’s able to turn anything into a weapon, and the words, “Anything is my weapon” are enough to inspire fear and awe in your hearts.

“Ah, this pipe packs a lot of flavor... Do you wanna try?”

Charon is a front row Tank, and in combination with his skills and his ultimate, this position is very ideal. To have a Tank with both armor and HP who can also bust into the enemy ranks and deal massive AOE damage is pretty much like having a god for a teammate.


Last Stand

Last Stand
Knocks a target into the air and deals massive physical damage as well as raising his dodge level for 5s

A powerful AOE skill. Use it with “Cruel Blow” to cast it after entering the enemy’s mid row and deal super high damage. He’s not called the strongest Tank for nothing!

Triple Strike

Triple Strike
Combo hits an enemy three times, dealing massive physical damage and knocking the target back a bit

This is considered a combo/control skill. A high amount of combo damage together with successive attacks and knock ups makes it so that the enemy keeps taking hits and has no way to react.

Cruel Blow

Cruel Blow
Leaps to the farthest enemy within his attack area causing physical damage and knock up

A very powerful secondary skill that pairs up perfectly with his ultimate. Leaping into the crowd to release his ultimate allows him to do even more damage to the enemy. As well as delivering powerful AOE damage output, he also delivers aimable knockback control. A very formidable combo.

Martial Power

Martial Power
His proficiency in martial arts strengthens his physique and increases his armor and magic resist

The most important things for a tank are armor and magic resist. So, for a tank’s purple skill, Martial Power is the perfect thing, providing both kinds of defense and making Charon even more sturdy.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green Attack Damage Magic Resist Hardiness
Green → Green +1 Attack Damage Armor Penetration Fortitude Extra Health Bloodthirst
Green + 1 → Blue Armor Extra Health Aggression Immortality Chivalry Spider
Blue → Blue +1 Attack Force Bravery Enforcement Bronco Grizzly Demon
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Extra Health Aggression Giant Bison Scorpion Elf
Blue +2 → Purple Chivalry Spider Tiger Dragon Sirenelle Hades Spider Queen
Purple → Purple +1 Osmosis Giant Hunter Tiger Unicorn Typhoon Ares
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Spider Platybelodon Mammoth Undead Spider Medusa Aegis Trojan Horse
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Giant Dragon Demon Elf Cyclops Fire God Cetus
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Bison Warrior Harpy Trojan Horse Death Damocles
Purple +4 → Orange Mammoth Minotaur Centaur Titan World Serpent Sleipnir
Orange → Orange +1 Unicorn Typhoon Minotaur Uranus Tyr Valkyrie
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Ares Cyclops Hera Centaur Odin Seth
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Harpy Trojan Horse Uranus Tyr Shu
Orange +3 → Orange +4 Briareos Sphinx Titan Beetle Osiris Deicide Blade
Orange +4 → Orange +5 Briareos Gram Seth Mut ? ?
Orange +5 → ? Apophis Gram Seth ? ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Werewolf Tooth Warrior Clogs Blast Thruster Dragon Whistle Healing Cloak Penance Belt Golden Apple

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Soulstone Wishing Pool
  • Soulstone Shop

Strategy Edit

  • Pairs well with secondary tanks like Saizo, Gerber, Kaiser, or Monk Sun whom will keep your mid row protected after Charon uses Cruel Blow.
  • Pairs well with heroes who reduce enemy hit rate, making Charon even more difficult to kill.
  • If you have an Awakened West, pairs well with other Kung Fu heroes.


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