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In Lineup you can set up the lineup to defend your city. You can have 3 lineups, with 5 heroes each. You have 3 lineups to help you defend when large numbers of enemies come attacking. One team of heroes isn’t enough. The 2nd and 3rd lineups unlock at Lv 30 and 40.

Repair Wall[]


Here you can see your wall’s stability. When enemies attack you, your wall’s stability will decrease. After an enemy attack is over, you can manually use points to restore stability. When stability reaches 0, you’ll be transported to a new position on the map.


Divided into: Random Relocation, Precise RelocationTransfer KingdomSet up Peace Shield

Random Relocation Allows you to relocate to a random new location within your kingdom. Every 24 hours you can do it for free one time. Otherwise, it costs 100 diamonds per relocation.

Precise Relocation Allows you to move to a specified location within your kingdom. 1000 diamonds per relocation.

Transfer Kingdom Allows you to change kingdoms. 3000 diamonds per transfer. Set up Peace Shield

Healing Spring[]


Can heal wounded heroes. When Medicine is produced, it will go to the Healing Spring by default. When Healing Spring is full, Medicine will accumulate in the Academy resources.

After entering the City Wall interface and then tapping on Healing Spring, players can see their city's Healing Spring. If a player gets attacked, or if they attack another player, it will result in her heroes getting injured or killed. This then requires consuming the Healing Spring to restore heroes. The capacity of Healing Spring is determined by the Kingdom, so the higher a player's Kingdom level, the more capacity the Healing Spring has. If a player has already used up his Healing Spring, then medicine must be used to make more. So, Medicine is a very valuable resource.