Crowd control is a hero's ability to limit an opponent's attack, spell casting or movement. 


O silêncio é usado para impedir que os heróis lancem qualquer habilidade. Também atua como uma interrupção para DoTs e fundição de habilidade. 
Heroes: Blaine, Bedivere, Medea, Theresa, Paganini
Heroes with skills immune to silence: Coco, Mira


Stun completely halts and interrupts any basic attack or skill and locks opponents in place. 
Heroes: Pulan, Seeley, Crabbie, Emily, Muse, Lufia, Jacob, Chavez, Monk Sun


Blind affects the opponent's ability to hit your heroes and can lead it to miss. 
Heroes: Baggins, Seeley, Kaiser


Knock-up acts as an interrupt in place. 
Heroes: Blaine, Theresa, Aurai, Murphy, Grunk, Charon, Monk Sun, Alma


Knock-back has interrupt capabilities and discomposes enemy positions. Generally knocks enemies back from the point of impact. 
Heroes: Russel, Zoe, Gearz, Charon, Spartacus, Yuan, Ruby, Sue

Pull to middleEdit

Some sort of an Energy Field that pulls all enemys within it to its midpoint.
Heroes: Zoe

Others Edit

Imprison Edit

Imprison contains enemies and prevents them from moving. 
Heroes: Karas, Karna, Pandarus, Salman, Seeley


Taunt is a skill that charms the enemy to attack fellow team members. 
Heroes: Chavez, Robin, Kaiser


Interrupt is a brief form of stun that disrupts attacks / skills. 
Heroes: Smoke


Invincibility is a stun like CC that prevents enemies from taking in any damage. When cast as a buff, it is similar to God Mode which makes a hero to immune to damage without affecting its abilities. 
Heroes: Smoke, Gearz


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