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Crystal Dungeon has 150 stages to conquer. Only specific stages give out Equipments  & Shadow Essence rewards. Each stage provides hero exp for all selected heroes in the roster.

Includes 2 free daily sweeps and costs 100 gems for succeeding ones. 


Reach Troop Lv 22 to unlock. Can sweep multiple times daily ( 2 for free, after that you can use torches or diamonds. Number of chances per day determined by VIP level).

  • There is no cost to challenge any layer. If you successfully pass a layer, all heroes will recover full health and energy for the next layer. If you fail or quit mid-challenge, the challenge will be invalid and all heroes will return to their pre-fight state.
  • You can have up to 15 heroes, 5 as your main team and up to 10 as substitutes. If one of your main heroes dies in battle, you can immediately choose one of the substitutes to take his or her place. Substitutes have 10 hero spots. 5 unlock for free as you pass layers, and 5 unlock as your VIP level increases. 
  • Every day there are 2 free chances to sweep passed layers. Each sweep will sweep through all the layers you’ve passed up to that point. Before sweeping, you can choose your hero lineup, and all of them will receive a large amount of exp.
  • Free sweep chances refresh every day at 5am (server time).
  • Tap this button to spend diamonds for Shadow Essence. The more times you buy, the more diamonds it costs.

Purchase chances refresh daily at 5am server time.

Item Drops: Equipment, Shadow Essence, Hero Exp


  • Pulan - Best used with Merlynn's Elven Shield to instantly fill up his health + damage and stun of Blizzard Blast. 
  • Merlynn - Best used with Pulan & Lorya + Elven shield against layers with hordes of enemies. When paired with Jacob, fills his lifesteal to 100%, more if he is equipped with Little Green Armor. Cast Merlynn's ultimate on Aurai, and you get massive heal buffs (Crabbie stages). 
  • Grunk - Use with Resurrection Angel and Bum Rush, a good alternative to use against layers with Banelings (large group of critters that cause damage after dying). His ultimate skill will shield him from damage and the massive amount of enemies he kills can replenish his health. While keeping the rest of your heroes safe.  
  • Zoe - Repositions heroes to a tight group and helps your AOE damage dealing heroes hit the most number of enemies. 

Elite Dungeon[]


to be continued...

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