How can you help? 

  • Fill in missing information like rune & equipment requirements 
  • Add details to item pages like hero requirements, item location, etc 
  • Upload and edit in Magic Rush related images and videos
  • Upload screenshots (rune pages) that editors can use to edit in the wiki 
  • Provide feedback & corrections in the comment sections 
  • Interact with the community via the forums / editors' message wall 

Basic Guidelines to Editing

  • Register an Account
  • This is an English wiki make sure to edit in English 
  • Double check information in-game before changing anything
  • Always leave a summary of what you edited 
  • Link available pages or terms that needs expanding
  • Leave admins a message on their wall for assistance

Markup Guide

Basics: Linking to Wiki Pages


Linking to External Pages

 [[ Text]]

Adding Images


Formatting Images


Inserting Image Icons

 {{Item Name}}


Most images are already uploaded in the wiki using the following formats:

  • Album Art: Album_Hero.jpg / png
  • Hero Skill Icons: Skill Name.png
  • Runes: Rune Name.png
  • Equipment: Equipment Name.png
  • Awakening: Awakening Name.png

For small icons & multiple use, please use the templates instead. Check the photos tab for more.


What needs to be done?

  • Pages linked from the Wiki Title/Nav Page
  • Runes, Equipment & Soulstone Location for Heroes
  • Skill Details
  • Level 90 Hero Skills and Attributes
  • Max Break Out Stats
  • Shadow Essence enchantment bonus per level
  • Equip & Rune Recipe Guide
  • Strategy Write-ups & Examples
  • Image / Video Gameplay Guides
  • Advanced Gameplay Content
  • Clone information from the Forum, reddit and other sites (with references) 


Special Pages

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