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Avatar Edwin.png

Mid row Mage.
Magic basic Attack.
Can deal extra damage to airbone targets and keep them in the air longer.


Twisted Void

Twisted Void.png

Draws targets in the area into a void, releasing them after a time and dealing magic damage.

  • Damage +3713.3 @90.

Magic Spear

Magic Spear.png

Condenses magic forces into a spear which ricochets among enemy targets, dealing magic damage.

  • Damage +2054.2 @90.

Magic Hold

Magic Hold.png

Imprisons 1 enemy and deals magic damage after a period of time.

  • Damage +4654.1 @90+6 (Dragon Prayer).

Extreme Hold

Extreme Hold.png

Increases his Ability Power and deals a Magic Hold effect to any enemy that gets knocked airborne.

  • Ability Power +1814.6 @90.


Edwin's Awakening skill hasn't been implemented yet.

Edwin is part of 3 Hero Groups and is affected by the following awakenings:


Grey → Green Ability Power Energy Regen Magic Force Hardiness
Green → Green +1 Ability Power Regenerate Meditation Providence Immortality
Green +1 → Blue Hardiness Extra Health Valor Magic Shield Mermaid
Blue → Blue +1 Magic Force Divine Power Elephant Hawk Wolf Spider
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Prowess Sublimity Sublimity Lion Viper Strongman (AD +20 AP +30 HR +120)
Blue +2 → Purple Providence Hawk Sage Cur Siren
Purple → Purple +1 Meditation Anaconda Knight Mammoth Akso Heracles
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Prowess Lion Viper Wizard Aegis Athena
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Illusion Grizzly Scorpion Soldier Fates Venus
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Grizzly Arch Wizard Warrior Aegis Athena Chaos
Purple +4 → Orange Soldier Poseidon Venus Hera Mjolnir Sia
Orange → Orange +1 Knight Lightning Sphinx Cetus Heimdall Thor
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Akso Briareos Harp Fates Auset Tefnut
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Siren Sphinx Venus Beetle Geb Ra
Orange +3 → ? Akso Chaos Titan Sia Osiris


W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Pandora's Reel Golden Grail Polar Armor Assassin's Dagger Sapphire Scepter Dragon Blood Ring of Power

Soulstone Location[]



  • none yet.