Equipment skills are enabled from the 3rd slot onwards. 

Blue + 1 Edit

Warlock Cape Spectral Mask Magic Essence: When HP drops below 30%, your ability power will increase for a time
Artist Mask Elementalist's Bracer Time Guardian: Increases a hero's armor and ability power according to their current level
Spore Umbrella Armstrong's Revolver Bloodthirsty Gun: Passive: When dealing magic damage to a target it will regen some health from the enemy
Blast Thruster Flame Gem Dragon Pulse: Increases a hero's health limit according to their current level
Leech Quiver Cabela's Machete Razor's Edge: Active Cast Select a target to deal magic damage to and interrupt any skill they are casting
Polar Armor Polar Armor Polar Speed: Increases a hero's attack speed
Fish Chainmail Energy Cloak Guardian Power: Increases armor for self and surrounding teammates
Ether Blade Armstrong's Blade Shadow Shield: Gives a shield to absorb damage after health drops below 30%
Meteor Hammer Power of the Horde Last Stand: When HP drops below 30%, your attack damage will increase for a time.

Blue + 2 Edit

Skeleton Scepter Skeleton Scepter Air of Death: Decreases surrounding enemy heroes' magic resist
Storm Bow Storm Bow Piercing Wind: Increases a hero's armor penetration
Burning Staff Conjure Staff Piercing Curse: Increases hero's magic penetration
Assassin's Dagger Assassin's Dagger Assasin Enchant: Basic attacks will deal additional magic damage
Hero Helmet Spectral Cloak Magic Restore: Get 5s of HP Regen after receiving a magic attack. Has a certain built-in CD.
Game of Arrows Starlight Star Shine: After casting a skill, the next attack will pack extra damage
Phantom Edge Dual Blade Battle Quickness: Increases your casting speed
Guardian Shield Guardian Shield Group Guardian: Increases magic resist for surrounding teammates
Dragon Whistle Empire Seal Immortal Empire: Active: Will slowly regen health throughout the battle and can give a shield to the player

Purple + 1 Edit

Blood Axe Blood Axe Passive Effect: Deals physical damage to an opponent while also lowering their armor, lasting 5 seconds
Scepter of Life Scepter of Life Eternal Magic: Increases a hero's max health limit and ability power according to their current level
Holy Grail Holy Grail Holy Light: Increases a hero's health regen effect
Sapphire Scepter Sapphire Scepter Sapphire Guardian: Increases a hero's magic resist and ability power according to their current level
Aix Electric Blade Aix Electric Blade Electric Blade Spark: Triggers one electric blade for every 3 basic attacks, dealing magic damage to the enemy.
Time G'dian Shield Time G'dian Shield Tribal Defense: For Active use: Adds a shield for surrounding allies.
Healing Cloak Lil Green Armor Green Healing: Increases received health regen effect
Phantom Blade Magic Blade Light of legends: Increases a hero's attack power and ability power according to their currrent level
Gold Armor Gold Armor Gold Regen: Regens a certain amount of health every minute
King's Oath King's Oath Oath Judgement: Active: Specify a target to deal magic damage and regen some health.

Purple + 2 Edit

Staff of Light Staff of Light Icicle: Active: Deal magic damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of the hero and slows
Diamond Heart Diamond Heart Cursed Heart: Decreases surrounding enemy heroes' attack speed
Soul Armor Soul Armor Spirit Armor: Passive: Increases a hero's armor and magic resist according to their current level
Ares Cloak Ares Cloak Wargod's Fury: Deals magic damage to surrounding enemy units every 3 seconds
Killer Blade Killer Blade Lethal Force: Increases a hero's crit damage multiplier
Hourglass Hourglass Time Reversal: Active: Regen a certain amount of health and increase your armor for a period of time
H's Secret Code H's Secret Code Hammurabi's Prophecy: A damage-dealing skill will lower health regen effect received by target for a period of time
Harpy Wing Resurrection Angel Circle of Life: Regens some health for yourself each time an enemy dies
Knight Spirit Knight Spirit Knight Speed: Active: Increases hero's attack speed

Orange Edit

Lufia's Ward Lufia's Ward Magic Shield: Active: Greatly increases your armor and magic resist for a period of time
Golden Apple Golden Apple Spirit Rebound: have a certain chance being immune to a stun, silence, imprison, or terror effect.
Alien Tech Gun Alien Tech Gun Last Stand: Active: Greatly increases your attack power, ability power, and attack speed for a period of time, but your armor and amgic resist will drop
Ring of Power Ring of Power Holy Sanction: Active: Adds a layer of armor to absorb damage.
Robert's Gauntlet Robert's Gauntlet Energy Regen: Active Cast Regen some energy
Savior Stick Savior Stick Fireball: Active: Deals magic damage to a specific target and lowers their magic resistance
Arthur's Sword Arthur's Sword Reaper Strike: Basic attack will have a chance of stunning the target
Frost Wail Frost Wail Doppelganger: Active Create a doppelganger of yourself to fight alongside you.
Butterfly Dagger Butterfly Dagger Captain's Blessing: Active: Releases self from a stun, silence, blind, or imprisoned state and increases attack power for a time
Thorny Embrace Thorny Embrace Eye for an Eye: Active: Use this to cause rebound damage to any skill casting target wihtin a period of time.

Orange + 2 Edit

Ethereal Shield Ethereal Shield Sacrifice Hand: Active. Protects one teammate. The damage received by this teammate will be redirected to the caster, but this damage will be reduced by a certain percentage.
Bleak Scepter Bleak Scepter Decay Magic: Deals increased damage to enemies with lower than 35% health.
Ten Tons Ten Tons Tractor Beam: Active. Makes target move a short distance toward the caster and deals one hit of physical damage.
Wings of Origin Wings of Origin Exploit: Active. Finds an enemy's weak spot. When the target receives damage, a layer of weakness will be revealed. A few seconds later, AoE damage will be dealt based on amount of weakness.
Azure Sky Azure Sky Focused Fire: Each attack will increase the hero's basic attack. This effect can stack.
Aghanim Cloak Aghanim Cloak Blessing Magic: Active. Transfers some of the hero's HP to a target ally. Afterwards, the hero will continuously regen HP for a period of time.
Force Book Force Book Repulse Ring : Active. Knocks back all enemies within melee range of the hero, dealing damage and stunning them.
Burning Helmet Burning Helmet Bloodshield: Active. Hero receives a shield which, when broken, will remove any stun, silence, or imprison effects from the hero and give lots of energy. Damage received will also increase for a time.
Crystal Blades Crystal Blades Dual Wield: Active. Dealing damage within 3 seconds of casting will cause the target to catch fire, dealing extra damage.
Bluesteel Armor Bluesteel Armor Overload Armor: Increases max HP based on the hero's armor and magic resist, lasting the whole battle. But at the start of battle, the hero's movement speed will be lowered.
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