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Avatar Jasmine

Mid row Mage.
Magic basic attack.
Manipulates shadow to put enemies to sleep


Night Attack

Night Attack
Summons a targetable magic lamp & blinds all enemies with darkness. If the lamp is destroyed the light will return, restoring sight. If it is not destroyed in time, all enmies will fall asleep.

Terror Shade

Terror Shade
Summons a shadow at the back of the enemy formation which moves to the nearest enemy, dealing AoE dmg upon impact & putting the enemy to sleep. Size & dmg of the blast shrinks as the shadow moves.

Shadow Strike

Shadow Strike
Deals one hit of damage to all enemies. This damage will not awaken enemies from sleep.

Terror's Embrace

Terror's Embrace
Every time an enemy falls asleep, attack damage and ability power will increase for all allies for a brief time. Stacks up to 5 times.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green
Green → Green +1
Green + 1 → Blue
Blue → Blue +1
Blue +1 → Blue +2
Blue +2 → Purple
Purple → Purple +1
Purple +1 → Purple +2
Purple +2 → Purple +3
Purple +3 → Purple +4
Purple +4 → Orange
Orange → Orange +1
Orange +1 → Orange +2
Orange +2 → Orange +3
Orange +3 → Orange +4
Orange +4 → Orange +5

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Lucky Coin Wooly Tusk Warlock Cape Game of Arrows Gold Armor Dragon Blood Ring of Power Force Book

Soulstone LocationEdit

Campaign Elite - Chapter 7-3

Campaign Elite - Chapter 11-1

Campaign Legend - Chapter 5-7

Strategy Edit

Recommended to use with Tartarus, Lee and/or Paganini.



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