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Mid row Mage.
Magic basic attack.
Can absorb the enemy's health.

"I have perceived your intentions."


Spirit Attack.png

Tengu Ward

Deals magic damage to an enemy to heal himself
Spell Marking.png

Spell Marking

Marks one enemy, dealing magic damage to he enemy which will heal himself.
Ancient Injunction.png

Ancient Injunction

Creates an ancient injunction, imprisoning and dealing magic damage to the enemy within.
Tengu's Blessing.png

Tengu's Blessing

His god given, peculiar physique allows him to receive extra energy.


Grey → Green Ability Power Energy Regen Regenerate Magic Force
Green → Green +1 Ability Power Hardiness Prowess Nature Valor
Green + 1 → Blue Magic Penetration Hardiness Providence Divine Power Sublimity Mermaid
Blue → Blue +1 Hardiness Valor Illusion Banshee Hawk Sage
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Meditation Providence Magic Shield Mermaid Viper Wizard Warrior
Blue +2 → Purple Meditation Sublimity Elephant Lion Wolf Spider Strongman (AD +20 AP +30 HR +120) Siren
Purple → Purple +1 Nature Grizzly Knight Wizard Soldier Akso Aegis
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Magic Shield Scorpion Wizard Sirenelle Heracles Luna
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Anaconda Knight Warrior Cerberus Fates Cetus
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Anaconda Wolf Spider Mammoth Poseidon Fates Chaos
Purple +4 → Orange Undead Spider Siren Giant Crab Djinn World Serpent Sia
Orange → Orange +1 Knight Aegis Lightning Titan Kraken Thor
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Poseidon Sphinx Luna Venus Odin Tefnut
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Akso Fates Djinn Beetle Sleipnir Geb
Orange +3 → ? Heracles Cerberus Titan Osiris


W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Little Wand Woolly Tusk Armstrong's Revolver Skeleton Scepter Healing Cloak Eternal Ice Robert's Gauntlet

Soulstone Location[]

  • Elite Campaign Chapter 8-1 - Exotic Island
  • Elite Campaign Chapter 8-6 - Fanatical War
  • Elite Campaign Chapter 12-6 - Abandon All Hope


Best for: (Choose: Arena/Campaign/Proving Grounds/Crystal Dungeon/Island Crusade)

Best with: Jacob,Pulan, chavez



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