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Léon, having skillset which involves taunting backrow killers and summoned units, high self-sustaining capabilities from lifesteal and heal which triggers when attacked, also comes with self-area damage, attack damage debuff enemies and armor and resist for himself.

Advantages Edit

  • Great against big number of enemies or attacks, especially if they are physical attackers.
  • Taunts summons and backrow killers.

Disadvantages Edit

  • Fragile to burst damages.
  • Heavily relies on his ability to sustain himself, any interruption or heal reduction can sabotage him.

Analysis Edit

The reason he is good against high numbers of enemies is because he can taunt all enemies especially backrow killers and summons, combined with heal which triggers when attacked; the more enemies attacking him then he could make use of his self-heal even faster and attack damage buff to enemies around him which can make his tanking role more effective if they are weak damagers, he also does use his self-area damage combining with his lifesteal which could make him extremely self-sustaining if encountered numerous of enemies with relatively weak attacks. However, if he encounters burst damagers then he is fragile against it because he could not fully use his heal which triggers when attacked and his attack damage debuff does not do much to small amount of enemies.




Strike the ground, dealing physical damage to a line of enemies in front of the hero.
Battle Roar

Battle Roar

Protects most injured mid/back row ally, making enemies nearby and all enemy-summoned units attack himself. Raises his own armor and magic resist for 8s.
Blood Spirit

Blood Spirit

Gives surrounding enemies a Blood Spirit effect for 5s, decreasing their attack power and also healing Léon with each attack they make (up to 8 heals).
Hero Time

Hero Time

Does AoE spin attack for basic atk. 15% chance of Rage when hit, increasing his size, atk, atk spd, & phys lifesteal. Rage lasts 8s w/ cooldown after.

Upgrades Edit


Runes Set Edit

Grey → Green Attack Damage Regenerate Attack Force
Green → Green +1 Health Regen Hardiness Providence Bloodthirst Bravery Immortality
Green +1 → Blue Attack Damage Fortitude Divine Power Defense Chivalry Elephant
Blue → Blue +1 Attack Force Fortitude Bloodthirst Balance Banshee Giant Demon
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Providence Extra Health Aggression Enforcement Lion Scorpion War horse
Blue +2 → Purple Bloodthirst Bravery Defense Grizzly Dragon Sirenelle Hades
Purple → Purple +1 Aggression Chivalry Lion Tiger Mammoth Spider Queen Hydra
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Fortitude Elephant Hunter Warrior Aegis Cyclops Trojan Horse
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Bronco Giant Demon Elf Bull Horn Sphinx Death
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Grizzly Dragon Sirenelle Hydra Giant Crab Hera Centaur
Purple +4 → Orange Platybelodon Undead Spider Hades Minotaur Death World Serpent Sleipnir
Orange → Orange +1 Demon Mammoth Bull Horn Trojan Horse Centaur Hel Tyr
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Hades Briareos Hydra Magic Mirror Gram Selket Apis
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Bull Horn Cetus Death Odin Mut Ra
Orange +3 → Orange +4 Minotaur Centaur Titan Tyr Tyr
Orange +4 → ?

Equipment Set Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Chain Armor Warrior Clogs Fish Chainmail Dragon Whistle King's Blade Penance Belt Thorny Embrace Bluesteel Armor

Soulstone Source Edit

  • Campaign: Elite 14-5 / Legend 3-5
  • Magic Squares: 150 Magic Coins for 3 Léon Soulstone

Dragon Prayer Bonuses Edit

  • 4000 HP
  • 38.5 Dodge Level
  • 300 Lifesteal Level
  • 37.5% Heal Effect

Talent Upgrades Edit


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