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Mid row Marksman. Physical basic attack. Use force field to protect your Mid row.


Pong! Pong! Pong!

Pong! Pong! Pong!
Launch the Max Bomb, bomb will bouncing on ground three times, each landing will deal a AoE physical damage to enemies.

Force Field

Force Field
Active the Force Field, team mates in Force Field can not be selected as targets. Force field also decreases enemies AoE damages.

Old Joe's Gift

Old Joe's Gift
Deal 3 times physical damage to single target, if the target is in the Force Field, the target will be knock off.

War Boy

War Boy
Increase whole team's physical damage.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green Attack Force Hardiness Regenerate Attack Damage Attack Damage
Green → Green +1 Armor Armor Fortitude Bravery Providence
Green + 1 → Blue Health Regen Magic Resist Balance Chivalry Bronco
Blue → Blue +1 Magic Resist Chivalry Elephant Lion Tiger Hunter
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Fortitude Enforcement Giant Tiger Scorpion Bowmaster
Blue +2 → Purple Defense Providence Grizzly Wargod War horse Spider Queen
Purple → Purple +1 Bravery Elephant Tiger Bowmaster Spider Queen Cyclops
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Fortitude Elephant Banshee Knight Bull Horn Harp
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Giant Hunter Warrior Minotaur Sphinx Cupid
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Grizzly Wargod Elf Undead Spider Bull Horn Centaur
Purple +4 → Orange Dragon Elf Briareos Athena Gram Burr
Orange → Orange +1 Wolf Spider Sirenelle Cupid Centaur Loki Hel
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Spider Queen Briareos Trojan Horse Uranus Odin Seth
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Dionysus Briareos Centaur Gram Selket Shu
Orange +3 → Orange +4 Bull Horn Sphinx Hera Selket Mut Deicide Blade
Orange +4 → Orange +5 Aegis Uranus Seth Montu ? ?
Orange+5 → ? Sphinx Apis Seth ? ? ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Werewolf Tooth Bully Bracer Leech Quiver Storm Bow Sebastian Shield Viper Spear Lufia's Ward Wings of Origin

Soulstone LocationEdit

Campaign 16-2 Elite, 16-5 Elite, 3-7 Legend.

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Max's appearance has been modified in version (He got a beard)


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