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Icon Name Armor Magic Resist Description
Shaggy Pig.png Shaggy Pig None Heavy An animal that was once on the verge of extinction. No one knows why they're again sprung up in huge numbers on the snow mountain. Their long, shaggy hair can block magic damage.
Blade Thrower.png Blade Thrower None None Shoots a blade, causing damage to any enemies in its path.
Big Hermit Crab.png Big Hermit Crab None Heavy A hermit crab who will hide in its shell and regen health.
Catapult.png Catapult None None Hurls a giant stone, causing damage to the back row.
Elite Merman.png Elite Merman None None An elite of the merman race who can hurl a frost spear.
Wereboar.png Wereboar None Light Goblin who likes to plant poisonous mushrooms in the brush.
Merman Soldier.png Merman Soldier None None An amphibious creature from the seaside who can walk on land and move in water.
Cyclone Bull.png Cyclone Bull Light Light A small bull who has a cyclone protecting it. If it stops walking, the protection will disappear.
Small Hermit.png Small Hermit None Heavy Whenever a wave comes it will wash up many small hermit crabs on the shore.
Snowball.png Snowball None None A rolling snowball that when busted open actually contains a penguin!
Puppet Soldier.png Puppet Soldier Medium None A Goblin soldier seemingly controlled by evil magic, without sensibility.
Falconer.png Falconer None None Mysterious falconers.
Goblin.png Goblin None None Lives in the forest, usually acting in groups. Not so powerful.
Frostling.png Frostling None Medium After dying, the frostling will freeze up into a block, and after a short time if it's not killed again it will split up into four Icelings.
Caveman.png Caveman Light None A savage who lives in ice waves and, as an adaptation to his harsh environment, can slowly restore his own health.
Frost Banshee.png Frost Banshee None None A phantom that controls the cold and shoots icicles at enemies.
Banshee Monster.png Banshee None None A phantom who floats in the air, unable to be obstructed by anyone.
Iceling.png Iceling None None A speedy ice crystal worm.
Harpooner.png Harpooner Medium None A savage with more powerful attack damage for hunting. Aside from restoring his own health, will also throw harpoons at enemies.
Savage Sled.png Savage Sled Light None Two cavemen riding a wooden sled. If they hit a tank they will cause a lot of damage.
Big Slimer.png Big Slimer None None Seems to be a squishy, mystical creature. When it dies, it splits into small Slimers.
Death Rider.png Death Rider Heavy None An evil death lord, can summon Necrophage Ghouls.
Wild Boar Witch.png Wild Boar Witch None Heavy Enjoys bullying other small animals with its strong body.
Wolf Rider.png Wolf Rider None None A Goblin soldier who tames wolves, can throw a long spear at enemies.
Little Wolf.png Little Wolf None None Fast-moving but with little power.
Siege Cannon.png Siege Cannon None None Smaller siege cannon controlled by evil humans, can fire across great distances, but can't hit targets at shorter distances.
Stone Shield.png Stone Shield Light Heavy A shield enchanted by dark magic, this giant magic shield can take damage from companions and divert it onto itself.
Baneling.png Baneling None None A pile of banelings often appearing in groups. After dying it will explode and cause massive damage.
Wolf Leader.png Wolf Leader None Heavy The leader of the wolves, larger in size, but just as fast as smaller ones.
Apprentice Mage.png Apprentice Mage None Medium Mage with basic magic, able to attack at a distance.
Shield Soldier.png Shield Soldier Heavy None Small human soldiers, nearly incapable of killing. They carry large shields to protect themselves.
Necrophage.png Necrophage Medium None A minion summoned by the evil Death Rider.
Helmet Soldier.png Helmet Soldier Medium None A fairly strong, completely armored soldier.
Baby Leopard.png Baby Leopard None Light Smaller sized leopards with a very high speed, will speed up when crossing brush.
Goblin Scout.png Goblin Scout None None Goblin who likes to plant poisonous mushrooms in the brush.
Leopard Leader.png Leopard Leader None Medium The leader of the leopards, larger in size, but just as fast as smaller ones, will speed up when crossing brush.
Poison Slimer.png Poison Slimer None None A poisonous Slimer who leaves poison on the ground after dying.
Armor Mage.png Armor Mage None Medium Recently promoted from a basic mage to an armor mage, he can cast a protective shield for his companions.
Wild Boar Rider.png Wild Boar Rider None None A Goblin warrior who rides a wild boar. When the Goblin dies, the boar goes into a fit of rage.
Mud Slimer.png Mud Slimer None None A mutated Slimer who doesn't have the ability to divide itself, but hurls mud at enemies to slow them down.
Raging Bull.png Raging Bull None None Enjoys bullying other small animals with its strong body.
Goblin Rock.png Goblin Rock None None A smallgoblin who has learned to make weapons and can hurl rocks long distances.
Goblin Thief.png Goblin Thief None None Goblin who likes to steal gold from humans in any place.