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Front row Tank. Physical basic attack. Can deflect attacks back at the enemy.



Becomes immune to CC and taunts enemies. Within next 4s will ward off 1 long-range atk and teleport in front of the attacker, dealing multiple hits of dmg, knocking airborne nearby enemies when he reappears.


Waves his six limbs for 4 seconds, blocking long range projectiles for all allied tanks during that time, and also deflecting back the first projectile, after which his attack power will increase.

Steel on Steel

Steel on Steel
When taking damage, Nezha has a 25% chance of getting a spark which can be actively used. Once all sparks are used up, he will regen health. He can store up to 4 sparks.

Battle Hardened

Battle Hardened
Each time Nezha takes damage, his armor and magic resist will increase. Stacks up to 10 times.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green
Green → Green +1
Green + 1 → Blue
Blue → Blue +1
Blue +1 → Blue +2
Blue +2 → Purple
Purple → Purple +1
Purple +1 → Purple +2
Purple +2 → Purple +3
Purple +3 → Purple +4
Purple +4 → Orange
Orange → Orange +1
Orange +1 → Orange +2
Orange +2 → Orange +3
Orange +3 → Orange +4
Orange +4 → Orange +5

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Battle Bandage Lucky Cat Paw Blast Thruster Guardian Shield Healing Cloak Viper Spear Frost Wail Burning Helmet

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Not available from chapters now.

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