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Avatar Pandarus

Back row Marksman.
Physical basic attack.
Throws out a chain that can find targets in the area and deal damage.


Tiros perfurantes (P)

Lumen Shot
Ataques básicos causam 3% daovida máxima dos alvos como dano mágico adicional e envenenam o alvo, causando 33% do DDA de Pandarus como dano mágico ao longo de 4 segundos. Não acumulável, mais reiniciavel.ts poison arrow that explodes on impact. Deals dmg/poisons enemies in conical area behind target, removing shields & mitigating healing.
  • Physical Damage

Chuva ácida (Q)

Poison Snare
Atira para flechas para cima em um local alvo, causando 70/100/140/180/230 (+50% do DDA) de dano físico no local alvo e aplicando envenenamento da passiva.
  • Magic Damage +3603.5 @90


Rapid Fire
Perfurar: Seus ataques básicos causam de 10 (+2% do DDA) a 80 (+10% do DDA) como dano mágico adicional a alvos com menos de 45% da vida máxima. Apartir de 20% da vida máxima dos alvos, Vandalus (Pandarus) causa dano verdadeiro ao invés de mágico nos alvos.

Os ataques básicos de Vandalus causam de 30 (+3% do DDA) a 150 (+15% do DDA) de dano mágico a alvos com menos de 70% da vida máxima, contra alvos com menos de 40% todo dano é convertido em dano verdadeiro. Edit

Pandarus' 5th skill unlocked by the Awakening is Healing Screen.

Healing Screen

Healing Screen

Basic attack removes any shield effect and causes healing to be absorbed. If 7000 HP isn't absorbed while in effect, target will take additional damage.
  • Magic Damage +1316.2 @90

Pandarus is part of 3 Hero Groups and is affected by the following awakenings:

Runes Edit

Grey → Green Attack Force Double Attack Double Attack Cardio Health Regen
Green → Green +1 Double Attack Double Attack Immortality Illusion Osmosis Elephant
Green + 1 → Blue Double Attack Double Attack Immortality Illusion Osmosis Elephant
Blue → Blue +1 Avarice Balance Infinity Enforcement Bronco Viper Scorpion
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Bravery Defense Osmosis Lion Bison Sage Bowmaster
Blue +2 → Purple Aggression Elephant Viper Tiger Defiler Unicorn Hades
Purple → Purple +1 Osmosis Lion Wolf Spider Bowmaster Strongman Medusa Ares
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Viper Tiger Defiler Unicorn Dionysus Hermes Fire God
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Bison Strongman Mammoth Fire God Sphinx Cupid
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Viper Sage Werewolf Medusa Death Gaia
Purple +4 → Orange Defiler Harpy Ares Titan Fenrir Brigid
Orange → Orange +1 Unicorn Hermes Fury Titan Tyr Valkyrie
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Siren Typhoon Pandora Uranus Odin Tefnut
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Medusa Giant Crab Cupid Valkyrie Seth Anubis
Orange +3 → Orange +4 Fire God Titan Uranus Tefnut Osiris Deicide Blade
Orange +4 → ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Hades' Fragarach Demon Bell Meteor Hammer Hero Helmet Phantom Blade Knight Spirit Alien Tech Gun

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Hero Brawl Shop - 500 Coins
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 6-1: Discover the Labyrinth
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 11-3: Wayward Fly
  • Campaign - Legend Chapter 6-2: Discover the Labyrinth

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Best for: Everything really. Especially Arena and Tower Defense.

Best with: Baggins and Bullet Time heroes like Mira and Ruby.

Possible good synergy with Gorgana due to her skills being stronger on poisoned targets.)

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