Magic Rush Wiki

Announced: 2016.03.08
Released: 2016.03.14

Update Content[]

  1. Elite stage reset costs have been lowered from 20/20/50/50/100/100/150/150/200 to 20/20/30/30/50/50/100/100/200.
  2. Tap on a member in the Alliance Member list to see their stats for the week (resets at 5am Sunday server time), including: Honor, Construction Pts, Team Raid Total Dmg, Alliance Tech Speed Ups, Alliance War Fights, etc. Alliances will also give medals to players for these categories.
  3. Island Crusade:
    • Added Elite difficulty level:
      • Elite and Normal are mutually exclusive. Each time you start you can choose Normal or Elite.
      • Elite stages will give out more gold than Normal stages.
      • Unlocks at Lv 70, and you must have at least passed all 10 stages of Normal mode once.
      • Sweeping is not allowed in Elite mode.
      • In Elite mode all heroes start out with 70% energy.
      • Elite mode is shortened to 7 stages.
      • In Elite mode each stage will ban 1 hero, gradually increasing the total number of banned heroes.
    • A sweep function will be added to Normal Crusade after Lv 65. Each sweep will cost a crystal, and players can get 2 crystals each time they manually pass a Crusade stage.
  4. Abyss Treasure will speed up in late-game.
    • When players pass Lv 65, they will unlock a “Monster Smash” function.
    • When conditions are met, weak monsters can be destroyed immediately by pressing a “smash” button.
    • Weak monsters will be calculated based on a player’s strongest 10 heroes.
  5. Players will now get an exp elixir with each wishing pool wish.


  1. War Wager chips are now called points.
  2. Changed the position of Union buffs in Throne Wars messages.
  3. Slightly raised the total amount of ban points available in the first phase of Ladder Tourney.
  4. Added a background image to War Wager during off-season.

Hero Adjustments[]

  1. Karas Buffs:
    • His ultimate can now be cast at 500 energy. If cast at 1000 energy, it will cause bonus damage and regen effect.
    • Damage proportion tweaked. Lowered his basic attack and skill damage, and increased his ultimate damage.


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