Announced: 2016.05.25
Released: 2016.05.30

Hero ChangesEdit

  1. New June Sign In Hero – Diaochan:
    • Ultimate: Prime Flurry - Suddenly appears behind an enemy and deals continuous magic damage for 2s to nearby enemies. The closer they are, the higher the damage dealt.
    • Green: Heart Breaker - Deals magic damage to an enemy, causing the target to bleed and continuously take damage for 8s.
    • Blue: City Toppler - Throws out multiple blades, dealing magic damage to up to 5 enemies.
    • Purple: Take Flight - After an enemy unit dies, she will regen some health and get an increase in attack speed for 5s.
  2. New Legendary Hero – Edwin
    • Ultimate: Twisted Void - Draws targets in the area into a void, releasing them after a time and dealing magic damage.
    • Green: Magic Spear - Condenses magic forces into a spear which ricochets among enemy targets, dealing magic damage.
    • Blue: Magic Hold - Imprisons 1 enemy and deals magic damage after a period of time.
    • Purple: Extreme Hold - Increases his ability power and deals a Magic Hold effect to any enemy that gets knocked airborne. (Works with knock up effects from any other hero.)
  3. Murphy: Her skills have been redone.
    • Ultimate: Snake Swarm - Summons a bunch of snakes to swarm the battlefield, dealing 3 hits of damage to enemies in the area and interrupting their actions.
    • Green: Viper Gaze - The viper's gaze causes enemies to shudder, lowering the armor of 2 enemies for 10 seconds.
    • Blue: Poison Cure - Uses venom to heal the most injured teammate. If target’s health is under 50%, it will heal double. If already at max health, it will deal damage.
    • Purple: Snake Power - Uses mysterious magic to strengthen her team's attack damage and ability power.
  4. Improved Animation Effects: The following heroes’ animations have been improved: Jolie, Ruby, Lufia, Yuan, Emily.
  5. York: Tear Gas skill animation and effect has changed. Now aside from dealing damage to enemies and lowering their movement speed, it also lowers the hit rate of their basic attacks.
  6. Jolie: Ultimate - Trick Shot - Once again enlarged its area of effect in Tower Defense stages.

Update ContentEdit

  1. Increased amount of high level Medicine mines again.
  2. Lowered gold costs for Dragon Prayer.
  3. Tweaked the City Wall depletion formula. When players of the same level attack each other, the City Wall will lose more stability points.
  4. Reinforcing the Throne and Magic Towers will cancel a Peace Shield.
  5. Adjusted early-game quests and made them easier to see.
  6. Added Sue and Lee soulstone drops in Campaign stages.
  7. Added Lee to the Wishing Pool.
  8. Increased Lv 4 Wild Monster gold 1000, and Lv 5 gold 3000. Daily 1st Attack gold bonus also increased the same amount.
  9. Added 1 chance to exchange meat in the Dragon’s Blessing event and slightly increased the amount of meat that drops from Wild Monsters.


  1. Enemies scouted within the last day will have a new icon.
  2. Items in the Alliance Shop can be selected with a check mark and then all bought at once.
  3. Extended Kingdom Transfer cooldown time to 3 days.
  4. Items received in Abyss Treasure can be sold.
  5. The difficulty of island stages in War Guardian has been lowered.
  6. Improved the sorting function in Chat discussion groups.


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