Mid Row Cannon.
Physical Basic Attack.
Can summon packs of Scarabs to aid him in battle.

He's a messenger from the underworld, able to open a portal to hell at any moment and summon forth the sacred scarab beetles to deal huge amount of damage to his enemies. This is an unprecendented summoner hero that you won't want to pass up!


Hell Gate

Hell Gate

Summons a Hell Gate which knocks back nearby enemies in all directions and constantly summon Scarabs around it.
dmg 3084 when summoning (at 90lvl)
Scarab Rush

Scarab Rush

Spends 20% of current health and summons 3 Scarabs to join the fight. Scarabs have fairly high Armor and will charge the enemy.
Evil Offering

Evil Offering

Cause a Scarab to go berzerk and explode upon death, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
explosion dmg 4042.2 (at 90lvl)
Sandstone Wall

Sandstone Wall

A shield will be triggered when his health drops below 30%, and every scarab on the battlefield will get a shield buff.
shield absorb effect +12539.8, extra 3109 shield per scarab (at 90lvl)

Awakening Edit

Rams' Awakening skill hasn't been implement yet.

Rams is part of 3 Hero Groups and is affected by the following awakenings:

Runes Edit

Grey → Green Attack Damage Health Regen Regenerate Attack Force
Green → Green +1 Magic Resist Providence Fortitude Aggression
Green +1 → Blue Attack Force Hardiness Extra Health Bravery Defense Elephant
Blue → Blue +1 Regenerate Cardio Chivalry Bronco Giant Dragon
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Providence Fortitude Balance Grizzly Tiger War horse
Blue +2 → Purple Bravery Defense Lion Hunter Sirenelle Spider Queen
Purple → Purple +1 Chivalry Bronco Knight Elf Briareos Minotaur
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Enforcement Grizzly Platybelodon Bowmaster Bull Horn Trojan Horse
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Giant Tiger War horse Cyclops Sphinx Cetus
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Elephant Knight Elf Bull Horn Pandora Centaur
Purple +4 → Orange Lion Hunter Aegis Uranus Gram Sleipnir
Orange → Orange +1 Spider Dragon Cyclops Sphinx Loki Hel
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Spider Queen Bull Horn Giant Crab Centaur Apophis Selket
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Aegis Odin Montu Shu
Orange +3 → ? Briareos Minotaur Uranus World Serpent Osiris

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Werewolf Tooth Lucky Cat Paw Fish Chainmail Dragon Whistle Unstable Plasma Harpy Wing Lufia's Ward

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