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Mid row Damager. Physical basic attack. Can run around freely amidst the enemy.


Blade Rampage

Blade Rampage.png

Deals physical damage 5x to targets in front of him. His energy will slowly after casting ultimate, and while it's falling, his attack speed and attack damage increase, and any enemy he kills will give him extra energy.

  • Attack +3689.3. Deal 1146.8 damage per attack @90.

Blade Runner

Blade Runner.png

Too fast to allow enemies to deal damage to himself, he deals physical damage to enemies within the area.

  • Damage +3664.5 @90.

Blade Barrier

Blade Barrier.png

A glowing sword, restoring energy and increasing magic resist and armor.

  • Health Regen Effect +2212.7 @90.

Sword Master

Sword Master.png

His superior swordsmanship increases his attack damage.

  • Attack +2073.9 @90.

Saber Master (Awakening)

Increases basic attack lifesteal. After Blade Strike is used, Saber Master's double-blade style will be activated, buffing basic attacks and Blade Runner.

  • Passive increases 27% basic attack lifesteal.
  • Basic attack stage two deals 79.49% damage.
  • Blade Runner stage two deals 2546.7 damage @90.


Grey → Green Attack Damage Armor Attack Force
Green → Green +1 Hardiness Providence Fortitude Bravery
Green + 1 → Blue Magic Resist Providence Cardio Bloodthirst Defense Elephant
Blue → Blue +1 Magic Resist Osmosis Enforcement Bronco Bison Tiger
Blue +1 → Blue +2 Fortitude Defense Giant Dragon Demon Unicorn
Blue +2 → Purple Bloodthirst Grizzly Platybelodon War horse Werewolf Undead Spider Hades
Purple → Purple +1 Chivalry Hunter Knight Elf Warrior Medusa Hydra
Purple +1 → Purple +2 Giant Platybelodon Defiler Unicorn Typhoon Ares Giant Crab
Purple +2 → Purple +3 Demon Sirenelle Warrior Dionysus Minotaur Fire God Death
Purple +3 → Purple +4 Werewolf Mammoth Medusa Bull Horn Trojan Horse Cupid Damocles
Purple +4 → Orange Unicorn Harpy Ares Magic Mirror Death World Serpent Gungnir
Orange → Orange +1 Spider Queen Briareos Minotaur Fire God Damocles Tyr Valkyrie
Orange +1 → Orange +2 Harpy Cyclops Giant Crab Hera Death Odin Seth
Orange +2 → Orange +3 Typhoon Ares Cetus Tyr Shu Ra
Orange +3 → ? Briareos Giant Crab Death Anubis Osiris


W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Hades' Fragarach Archer Greaves Armstrong's Blade Storm Bow Gold Armor Knight Spirit Arthur's Sword

Soulstone Location[]

  • Wheel Event (September 24 - October 1, 2015)


Best for: Groups of enemies with low amounts of CC or which are CCed.

Best with: Monk Sun, Charon, Theresa, Robin, Ariel, Sebastian, Murphy, Awakened West, Pulan, Zoe, and heroes with strong knock back effects to group enemies more tightly.

Weaknesses: Heroes with strong CC or energy reduction effects, including Pulan, Monk Sun, Theresa, Robin, Ariel, Little Red, and Karna. Also dislikes heroes like Grunk, Yuan, Charon, Smoke, Ruby, and Chavez who mingle in the mid and back rows which can cause him to aim his ultimate incorrectly or do less damage with his Blade Runner skill by only hitting 1-2 enemies.


  • Saizo most likely received his name after the legendary ninja, Kirigakure Saizo. The 2009 movie Goemon portrayed Saizo along with his martial brother Ishikawa Goemon.
  • Saizo was one of the inspired design of Alpha, one of the heroes in Mobile Legends, another game developed by Moonton, as confirmed in MLBB official facebook page.