Magic Rush Wiki
Done Next To Do
  • Tier List
  • Hero Pros & Cons
  • Crowd Control Page 
  • Guide Page (forgot how to convert markups) 
  • Proving Grounds
  • Ladder Tourney
  • Skill / Avatar Icons

Couple of pages that needs some love: 

  • Runes: Legendary rune requirements
  • Academy: Additional information on protected resources, tech buffs from alliance wars & mega mines, and number of resources that can be bought
  • Equipment Enhance: Write an explanation how it works, why some are greyed out or not showing up, cost 
  • Wishing Pool: Gold, Diamond & Soulstone Wishing Pool information
  • World Map: include consumables, monster rally time & loots, monster level requirements, other megamine information upon clicking 
  • Island Crusade: Chest rewards 
  • Campaign: Update with new stages for campaign, elite, legendary
  • Bonus Stages: place under Tower defense, update with the latest stage that can be completed 
  • Alliance: New features: Tech & Duel; new items in the shop, how tos: kick, leave, member activity
  • Proving Grounds: updated Rewards and schedule 
  • Crystal Dungeon: rewards per layer, max # of troops,  total shadow essence per layer completed
  • City Wall: Kingdom transfer, random relocation cool down; stability information, healing spring cost 

Minor updates: 

  • Merlynn, sebastian icons
  • Skill icons in all hero pages
  • Add awakening headings in hero pages