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Avatar Vala

Front row tank.
Magic basic attack.
Uses the power of frost to attack enemies and protect teammates.


Frost Shield

Frost Shield
Shields herself and nearby teammates. Shield reduces dmg for next 6 atks, as low as 1 pt, and disapears after 6 atks/when its times runs out. Protects teammates from stuns and knock backs.

Snow Crash

Snow Crash
Becomes immune to most dmg and disabling effects, and then strikes an enemy. If hit by a stun/silence/knock back/airborne skill during defensive stance, she will hit an area of enemies and silence them.

Frost Bite

Frost Bite
Summons a blade of ice under the feet of the enemy farthest from her to deal AoE dmg. Adds a layer of shield for each enemy hit.

Frost Blessing

Frost Blessing
Vala receives energy each time a teammate takes a stun, airborne, or knock back effect.

Runes Edit

Grey → Green
Green → Green +1
Green + 1 → Blue
Blue → Blue +1
Blue +1 → Blue +2
Blue +2 → Purple
Purple → Purple +1
Purple +1 → Purple +2
Purple +2 → Purple +3
Purple +3 → Purple +4
Purple +4 → Orange
Orange → Orange +1
Orange +1 → Orange +2
Orange +2 → Orange +3
Orange +3 → Orange +4
Orange +4 → Orange +5

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O O+2
Chain Armor Wooly Tusk Fish Chainmail Skeleton Scepter Scepter of Life Harpy Wing Lufia's Ward Ethereal Shield

Soulstone LocationEdit

Not available from chapters now.

Strategy Edit


April 2017 sign in hero. Has actually two names in version "Ice" on her soulstones, and "Vala" on her hero page.


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