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Avatar Watson

Back row Cannon.
Magic basic attack.
Even his basic attack can blow up a crowd of enemies.


Big Boy

Big Boy
Hurls a huge explosive acorn at enemies within an area, dealing continuous damage.

Time Bomb

Time Bomb
Hurls an inconspicuous bomb which deals magic damage and a knock up to the enemy.


Bombards an enemy target with multiple bombs, dealing damage to the target and nearby enemies.

Explosives Expert

Explosives Expert
Increases his own ability power, adding to his explosiveness.

Awakening Edit

Watson' 5th skill unlocked by the Awakening quest is Power Surge.


Power Surge

Increases Energy Regen Speed for Who Am I heroes.
Increases Energy Regen Speed of Who Am I? Heroes in party.

Runes Edit

Grey to Green

Green to Green +1

Green + 1 to Blue

Blue to Blue + 1

Blue + 1 to Blue +2

Blue + 2 to Purple

Purple to Purple +1

Purple +1 to Purple +2

Purple +2 to Purple +3

Purple +3 to Purple +4

Purple +4 to Orange

Orange to Orange +1

Orange +1 to Orange +2

Orange +2 to Orange +3

Orange +3 to ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Little Wand Warlock Boots Warlock Cape Assassin's Dagger Scepter of Life Soul Armor Savior Stick

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Elite Campaign - Chapter 7-1 (Frigid Caverns)
  • Elite Campaign - Chapter 8-4 (Second Coming)
  • Elite Campaign - Chapter 13-1 (No Chance)
  • Legend Campaign - Chapter 1-3 (Troop Decoy)

Strategy Edit

Best for: (Choose: Arena/Campaign/Proving Grounds/Crystal Dungeon/Island Crusade)

Best with: (Hero to pair with)

Trivia Edit

  • Skill changes in version (2016/04/11)
  • His inclusion of Fairy Tale can be rooted to the common use of woodland creatures in fairy tales (Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, etc.).


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