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Avatar York

Mid row Marksman.
Physical basic attack.
Has strong explosive power.



Bombards an enemy and causes physical damage to enemies behind him within a conic area.
  • Damage +5155.1 @90

Explosive Fire

Explosive Fire
Cause physical damage to enemies within a conic area in front of him.
  • Damage +1862.6 @90

Tear Gas

Smoke Bomb
Deals physical damage and lowers movement speed and hit rate to enemies in an area in front of the hero.
  • Damage +3107 @90

Battle Fever

Battle Fever
York's encouragement gives all his teammates a physical attack power buff.
  • Attack +777.7

 Awakening Edit

York's 5th skill is unlocked by the Awakening is Single Power


Single Power

Increase attack power for Lone Dog, can stack with passive buffs.
Increase attack power for Lone Dog in party by 1192.5 @90.

York is part of 2 Hero Groups and is affected by the following awakenings:

Runes Edit

Grey to Green

Green to Green + 1

Green + 1 to Blue

Blue to Blue + 1

Blue +1 to Blue + 2

Blue + 2 to Purple

Purple to Purple +1

Purple +1 to Purple +2

Purple +2 to Purple +3

Purple +3 to Purple +4

Purple +4 to Orange

Orange to Orange +1

Orange +1 to Orange +2

Orange +2 to Orange +3

Orange +3 to ?

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Werewolf Tooth Lucky Cat Paw Ether Blade Storm Bow Phantom Blade Soul Armor Frost Wail

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • Abyss Treasure Shop : 500 Coins
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 2-4: Fight Side by Side
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 3-5: Rain of Arrows
  • Campaign - Elite Chapter 12-3: Lava Cavern

Strategy Edit


  • York's original name was Rambo.



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