Description Edit

Back row Marksman. Physical basic attack. Her ultimate can pull enemies into the center of the battlefield.


Power Field

Power Field
Sets up a magnetic field, drawing all enemies into it for some time and dealing physical damage

Magnet Rush

Magnet Rush
Shoots a magnetic warhead through the enemy, dealing physical damage and knocking them back

Magnet Barrage

Magnet Barrage
Shoots a lot of magnetic energy fragments, dealing physical damage to the enemy

Magnet Cluster

Magnet Cluster
Powerful magnetic forces increase Zoe's basic attack damage

Runes Edit

Grey to Green

Green to Green + 1

Green + 1 to Blue

Blue to Blue + 1

Blue + 1 to Blue + 2

Blue + 2 to Purple

Purple to Purple +1

Purple + 1 to Purple + 2

Purple + 2 to Purple + 3

Purple +3 to Purple +4

Purple +4 to Orange

Orange to Orange +1

Orange +1 to Orange +2

Orange +2 to Orange +3

Orange +3 to Orange +4

Orange +4 to Orange +5

Equipment Edit

W G B B+2 P P+2 O
Hades' Fragarach Clown Shoes Meteor Hammer Game of Arrows Phantom Blade Killer Blade Frost Wail

Soulstone LocationEdit

  • 7-4 Elite
  • 10-5 Legend
  • Diamond Wish

Strategy Edit

Best for:

  • High physical damage
  • Drawing all opponents together and into attack range with Power Field so that your other heroes can hit all opponents at once.

Best with:

  • Armor Reduction: Coco or Jolie
  • Area of Effect Damage
  • Stun (to prolong clumping)



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